Vault has greatly impacted my life – Before the app, I had always dedicated so much time and effort to banking procedures. 

It has become so handy to give my spouse a Companion card without the need for them to provide onboarding documents, seeing as this option has saved us from an unnecessary procedure of having to open yet another bank account. 

The greatest part about sending money directly through vault by the use of a Companion card, is that it is a completely free and instant task which requires little effort. Saying goodbye to banking fees or unnecessary time spent waiting for money to go through has been a game-changer! It has been so easy, especially seeing as I cannot always afford to sacrifice the time to do otherwise. 

As of recently, I have also decided to have my salary paid through Vault for these same advantages. Initially, I was used to having several required physical meetings at my bank, along with a letter from my employer and confirmation that my salary would be paid into my bank account. Upon realising that Vault would signify a much quicker and less timely procedure, I decided to make the switch, no more banking bureaucracy – And I could not be more satisfied! My employer now pays the salary through the app, which is easily downloadable for everyone too. 

Vault has simplified my life, where providing a list of documentation to the bank is no longer a necessity. I could not be any more thankful for the innovative world of technology and the convenient lifestyle it has brought about. As the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new!