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Stress Free Payroll​

27 currencies

Vault Business was established to give every company the ability to streamline its finances. The modern-day business environment is competitive, dynamic and characterised by technology. Vault business allows companies to simplify every aspect of corporate payments in a cost-effective fashion.

Creating a Vault Business account is a time-efficient process that allows companies to remain focused on what matters most.




Take benefit from an array of services that simplify the process of operating internationally. Vault Business offers users the ability to store 27 major currencies, all in one, easy to use account.

The Vault Business account is designed to facilitate low-cost international transfers in multiple currencies. The price-competitive currency exchange platform ensures internationally active businesses can remain reactive to varying requirements.​

Payroll management

The easy-to-use service removes all the stress from payroll by allowing instant bulk transfers to employees and suppliers. Simply select, click and pay.​

Simplify spending, tracking and approval.

Issue a virtual prepaid Mastercard which can be used and shared with employees to facilitate all corporate expenditure securely and efficiently. This feature makes the tracking and approval of spending instant and easily manageable. Spending limits can be set on all user profiles for enhanced levels of control and flexibility.

Cards get lost; it’s a fact of life.
If that day comes, simply freeze the card instantly on the app to prevent unauthorised transactions.


Your Business


For businesses, time is money. The sign-up process for Vault Business has been designed to be as streamlined as possible.

Simply complete the form to begin the three-step, entirely-online sign-up process. ​ ​

Best pricing for your need.

Add Container Edit Container Delete Container Vault Business is designed to be a partner for growth. The various pricing models ensure no matter what stage a company is at in terms of volume levels, Vault Business remains an affordable solution. Drag widget here


/ month
Open a business account under your personal name


/ month
Less than €200,000 of incoming funds per month


/ month
From €200,000 to €2,000,000 of incoming funds per month


/ month
More then €2,000,000 of incoming funds per month

Frequently asked questions

Future proof your business  – streamline your finances!

How can I get a Vault Business account?

The application is available free of charge on the web, please click here to start your application.

Can anyone apply for Vault Business?

It is easy to apply for a Vault Business account but there are guidelines as to whether your company is eligible, based upon the country of incorporation and the industry.

How are funds transferred out of my Vault account to a bank account?

deVere E-Money has partnered with the global payments and foreign exchange firm Currency Cloud to perform these transfers on behalf of Vault Business clients.

Are there any amount limits for the transfers out of Vault?

No. There are no amount limits.

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