During their latest game against Leicester City on October 5th, Liverpool introduced cashless payments across their Anfield stadium. 

The newly implemented system, which was rolled out during the eighth matchday of this year’s Premier League, was the first phase of a project aimed at offering faster service for fans visiting the venue. 

The move by Liverpool Football Club involved numerous kiosks, bars and food stalls within the Anfield territory utilising a cashless payments system during Saturday’s match. It was positively welcomed following a successful trial at concerts and main events over the summer, all of which were praised. 

All leading contactless debit and credit cards were accepted at the stadium, with chip and pin being used for payments exceeding £30. Customers could also make use of mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. 
The aim of the project is to enhance services during peak times, especially on matchdays, while also working towards shorter waiting times during half-time and offering more secure transaction options. 

The top-tier football club has already been working towards avoiding waiting time during the match interval by launching a ‘click and collect‘ option on all stands, allowing fans to avoid queuing during half-time by pre-ordering their food or drink and collecting it using the SeatServe application. 

“We are trailing this service across the stadium with the hope of reducing queues during peak times. It will also make things more secure for us and will ultimately help us to deliver the best possible customer service to all our fans,” said Liverpool’s vice president for stadium operations Paul Cuttill. 

“We appreciate there are those supporters who like to pay in cash, so will continue to offer a provision at a number of kiosks inside the ground. The good news is that a large proportion of our fans are already paying by card rather than with cash in the stadium, so we are hoping that the transition will be quick and easy for many fans.”