Credit cards have provided the facility to make in-store transactions without the need to pay with physical money. They have eased the process of paying and boosted e-commerce allowing businesses to go online. However, users must be careful to keep them safe as credit cards could be targeted for fraudulent activities, so it is essential that security precautions are taken. 

deVere Vault offers several security features to assure users that their money is safe and away from any threat. But before going into security details – what is deVere Vault? Vault is ‘a global money app that allows you to store, transfer and exchange currency to and from your account in a real-time manner.’ It is also paired with a card that allows you to store as much money as you choose from your bank account. And how is this safer from any other cards? One feature is the Touch ID, which logs you into your account on the downloaded application on your phone. Once logged in, you have access to make money transfers and exchange currencies amongst others. An alternative way to log in is by entering a passcode, which you can change from within the app. 

Additionally, Vault also lets you freeze/unfreeze your card – mainly used when the card has been stolen or lost, as it disallows the card to be used. You can choose to freeze the card until it is returned to you so to make sure that no payments are made with the card. Moreover, you can enable/disable payment methods (contactless or magstripe payments) according to your preferences as well as disable the ATM withdrawal function. Such features add more security to your finance and gives you the full control, managing the card by an app.