The British government has launched a new program aimed at prospective coders in order to increase highly desirable technical skills in the labour market.

The Institute of Coding is an association of 25 universities and 60 private firms that has received £40m in funding to push the project forward.

Students will be offered an array of courses, from apprenticeships to degrees.

The establishment was sparked due to a survey carried out by Tech Nation, a state-sponsored networking body for tech entrepreneurs and innovators, which revealed that 50% of the UK’s digital tech businesses are facing a shortage of skilled employees. The Institute has also indicated its decision to encourage more women to take up roles in the sector should individuals desire to pursue a career in I.T.

“We have a clear commitment to tackling the digital skills shortfall by making it easier for students, people at work and potential learners that we have not previously reached to access higher education and improve their technical abilities,” said the institute’s director Dr Rachid Hourizi. 

“We believe every person, whatever their background, deserves the opportunity to improve their digital skillsets through flexible learning convenient to their needs, whether that be face-to-face or online, full or part-time and as a stand-alone activity or part of an existing job.”