Red, white and blue british flag bunting to celebrate the VE Day.

As part of an initiative to promote cashless payments and drive people to donate money for Armistice day, the Royal British Legion has introduced a new method of fundraising.

Celebrated on Sunday, 11th November, Armistice Day 2018 marked the 100-year anniversary since the end of the First World War, an important commemoration for the Legion, the armed forces charity in charge of leading the annual Poppy Appeal.

This year, the charity decided to boost innovation and intrigue donors by introducing a pub quiz pack including a joker contactless donation card, allowing players to make cashless donations. 

The Legion has teamed up with Thyngs, a payments firm which dabbles in digitizing the way payments are made. Together, the two organisations have launched a pub quiz pack, which includes six cards utilising NFC and QR code technology allowing participants to make donations using their smartphones. 

The company has also added innovative features to the system, including one which allows players to see how many funds has been raised in real time, or snap and share a Pub Quiz selfie wearing a joker’s hat. 

The initiative was launched with the idea of increasing the number of funds donated to The Royal British Legion, while also minimising costs. 

Simon O’Leary, assistant director of The Royal British Legion also in charge of fundraising says: “We have been piloting a new fundraising product and wanted a cashless channel for supporters to donate that was easy to use, quick to set up and simple enough to explain in marketing materials.

“Thyngs created a new opportunity for us to receive donations that ticked all the boxes, giving us a reliable and engaging new fundraising mechanism that fits seamlessly within the pub quiz supporter journey.”