As someone who travels quite often, Vault has radically impacted my life. The Vault Prepaid Mastercard aims to ensure transparency, safety and security around the globe by facilitating the mobile payment and currency exchange process with no hidden bank fees. 

In between one of my many business trips, I used my contactless card to buy a coffee using GBP currency while waiting for my flight at the Heathrow airport in London. I then paid for a taxi upon landing in Vilnius, Lithuania – contactless again, but now Euros! I utilised the same card for both transactions, so straightforward and simple – no carrying around a handful of different plastic cards for me!

Because it is a multi-currency card, once you are located in a different country, it almost seems as if you have a bank account in that country, making it the perfect travel companion, especially for an itinerant such as myself. 

The deVere Vault app together with the Vault card can be used to make transactions and purchases anywhere in the world, meaning that my options are endless. I can essentially travel to any of my business destinations utilising one card for all payments. It ensures swift, secure and flawless transactions while simultaneously dodging all the futile paperwork that comes along with bureaucratic policies and banking strategies. 

Moreover, due to the fact that card access can be monitored via the mobile application, Vault users are in complete control of their card and their finances, meaning payments are secure and can be made pretty much anywhere Mastercard is accepted. It also allows users the facility of freezing and unfreezing their card on the go, guaranteeing a safe consumer experience. 

Aside from making transactions and purchases anywhere in the world, Vault also offers the option to exchange, spend and store money in 27 different currencies. Furthermore, transferring money to family, friends, or even business associates within SEPA countries using Vault is free – handling my money has never been so easy! 

Vault has optimised my travel experience, and is surely the perfect companion for a frequent commuter such as myself. As fintech washes away the era of traditional banking, Vault is the ideal means for ensuring secure, instant and trouble-free monetary transactions.