Obtaining my Vault card has been the best thing I have done so far, this year! Aside from optimising my travel experience by allowing me to safely and securely pay for goods in 27 different currencies, the latest feature I have discovered has guaranteed the ultimate user-friendly experience. 

Vault offers the opportunity to set up dynamic FX rate alerts, meaning that clients can convert their currencies at the best time, at interbank exchange rates. 

I can now set up or manage my own exchange rate alerts. By navigating to Settings –> Dynamic FX Rate Alerts, I can manually select values from Rate Selector and enter my own rate. For example, within Dynamic FX Rate Alerts, I select the currency I want to sell e.g. GBP, and then select the currency I wish to buy e.g. USD. I then enter the exchange rate at which I want to buy USD, e.g. 1 GBP = 1.40 USD and set the alert. Afterwards, when GBP rises to 1.40 or higher against the USD, I will receive a notification allowing me to then decide whether or not to purchase my chosen currency.

My dynamic FX rate alert I set to buy Euros triggered yesterday and I saved 1% by not rushing and waiting until the rate ‘came to me’. 

Moreover, Vault is known for its low exchange rates, making it unique in its field! The conversion rates are based on live market rates from the UK Foreign Exchange Market during trading hours. The minor spread applied to the live feed is still much cheaper than those on offer from most banks or currency exchange bureaus. Additionally, Vault does not impose any http://devere-vault.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/eff1b1fe-4b38-4a73-a54b-f9574e98c4ba-1.jpgistration fees, making it affordable, easy to use, and most of all, safe!