London has launched an initiative allowing people to make contactless donations to homeless charities in an attempt to combat the increasing levels of rough sleepers on the city streets. 

Londoners will have the opportunity to make contactless donations through a network of terminals spread throughout the British capital. 

So far, TAP contactless donation points have been set up in 35 different locations across the city, with over 90 set to be installed across London during the winter season. 

Each tap donation, which will be worth £3, will be divided between the 22 charities participating in the London Homeless Charities Group.

The initiative was inaugurated by London Mayor Sadik Khan, who launched the project at City Hall, where one of the building’s windows is adorned with a donation terminal. Other donation points can be found in the bustling streets of the metropolitan city. 

During the inauguration, the Mayor made a plea to all Londoners to donate to the campaign, and to also make use of a mobile application and website called Streetlink, which sends alerts of homeless people requiring support. 

Mr Khan said: “Last year, Londoners’ generosity helped us raise nearly £200,000, and referrals to Streetlink went up by 45% over the winter.

“These new contactless donation points will make a big difference in encouraging Londoners to do their part to help.” 

A0s an increasing number of European cities take to the cashless trend, these contactless donation points will not only provide support to rough sleepers during the harsh winter season, but also promote new and innovative ways of making donations without requiring any legal tender.