Ever since I have been introduced to Vault my life has changed completely! Managing my finances had always been somewhat of a struggle since I am not adequately acclimated to the banking world – yet with the help of Vault, I am guaranteed a secure and easy way of handling my funds without the need of a financial expert! 

Vault ensures that I have complete control of every aspect of my account, while also warranting efficiency and transparency throughout. I can now easily transfer money to and from other bank accounts via debit cards, and can also instantly exchange monetary transactions with other Vault users. 

This feature is particularly useful as it allows me to swiftly transfer funds to my family members, who also decided to board the Vault bandwagon after discovering the Companion Card function.  

Registering for a Vault account instantaneously warrants any user the ability to add up to 3 Companion Cards for family and friends to use under the primary Vault account, making it a perfect addition to my family – myself, my spouse and two kids! 

Our family also comprises of one other special member: an energetic lab-retriever called Ringo. Although adopting pets has been a wonderful adventure as well as an insightful learning experience for all the four of us, things around the house can often get hectic and messy, especially when Ringo decides to gnaw on one of our Companion Cards for breakfast! 

Luckily, the Vault experience includes instant live chat support ready to clarify any user queries. I had a quick live chat with the Client Services team in Lithuania and effortlessly ordered a new Companion Card for my husband this morning. I no longer need to worry about waiting hours to get through to my local bank to freeze my card, Vault instant live chat support guarantees efficiency and security!