No matter how enjoyable and relaxing holidays can be, preparing for one may be hectic and time consuming. Booking tours and accommodations in advance, planning which landmarks you’d like to see and exchanging money into the right currency can become tedious. Additionally, you need to decide how much money you should take to serve you throughout. Alternatively, you could save time by using credit cards and making all transactions and purchases by a tap of a card. But how exactly is credit card payment beneficial when on holiday?

Carrying physical money when abroad is not very secure as one may easily lose track of how much is being spent, apart from increasing the vulnerability in case of crime. Credit cards let you to store and carry with you as much money as you want from your bank account and allow you to look after your finances when abroad. Paying by credit cards has also been made easier by introducing contactless cards, which complete transactions by simply tapping the card. Finance management can be done online or on your phone by going through all of your latest transactions. 

Credit card payments are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and ATMs but because you would be in a foreign country and do not share the same currency, there might be additional charges added. Usually, the extra charge is in the range of 2.75% and 2.99% in shops and around 2% in ATM withdrawals. But financial companies have developed ways to solve this issue of extra costs, providing consumers with new technology to make use of.     

Fintech has enabled companies to produce cards, such as the deVere Vault Prepaid Mastercard, which is very similar to credit cards but offers more cost-efficient features. Managed by the Vault App, you could choose how much money to store on the card and adding more by the tap of a button. In addition, the app also lets you make bank transfers and exchange currency in a short period of time. Furthermore, the deVere Vault Prepaid Mastercard may be used to withdraw money from ATMs as well as make online payments, if required.  Vault has a total of 27 currencies and would thus save you from having added costs when paying or withdrawing money.