New Zealand will be introducing cashless parking meters in central Wellington. Next week, ten cashless parking meters will start being trialled for the coming give months. 

This new instalment will be followed by the removal of the other method of payment; the Txt-a-Park payment application. 

The trial will run for five months, starting on the 10th of February, with the option to install another ten meters if the results indicate success. 

Kevin Black, the City Council’s Parking Services Manager said that the purpose of the new cashless parking meters was to minimise the occurrence of theft and vandalism in the city. 

In addition, drivers will have the option to either pay cashless or at a cash meter, that will not be removed from the area. 

The following locations will have cashless meters installed for the trial: 

Outside 36 Tennyson Street, outside 22 Allen Street, Oriental Parade next to Waitangi Park, Oriental Parade outside the Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, Cable Street beside the waterfront carpark, Cable Street beside the skate park, Ballance Street beside the District Court, ,Waterloo Quay beside the NZ Post building, Stout Street beside the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment and Kate Sheppard Place.

Moreover, this will offer a sustainable way to reduce paper waste, as it will allow the driver to receive an e-receipt instead of printing a standard paper one. 

Currently, there are 485 parking meters in Wellington that accept cash, credit and debit cards and now, cashless payments.