The rising costs of sustainable living

01 Dec 2021

Sustainable living is passing many Brits by, simply because they can’t afford it due to the country’s energy crisis, annual inflation on food and drinks and mounting national insurance contributions. New findings from a study of 2,000 adults have revealed 64% want to be eco-friendly, but worry the rising cost of living will make it an impossible task. Around 60% of people are concerned about affording basic bills, whilst 26% say that costlier organic options will have to move down their priority list.

Going green

However, this latest research contrasts with data published in August which indicated people in the UK would be willing to pay more for environmentally beneficial products. The Green Response report revealed 45% of adults were happy to spend more to adopt an eco-friendly way of living. On average, people were willing to spend 12% more on health and hygiene products, 11% more on groceries and 10% more on personal care products.

Change in trend

Yet, more recent data published by health and hygiene firm Essity shows a noticeable change in attitude, as on average, household living costs may rise by £125 a month, with 62% unsure if they’ll be able to cope with the increase. According to an Essity spokesperson: “In the space of three short months, there have been a number of announcements which have left the majority of people uneasy about being able to afford basic necessities such as petrol, electricity, food, drink and so on. So it comes as no great surprise to learn that even at a time where people want to do their best for the planet, they feel unable.” That said, two-third of Brits say that despite the increasing living costs, they will try to maintain their sustainability habits as much as they can, with 51% stating they’ll attempt to find the most effective way of doing so.

Living sustainably

This latest research underscores how more and more of us want to do the right thing for the planet. And although this may become more difficult in the coming months, there are things you can do to reduce the costs of sustainable living. Click here for tips and advice on cost-effective eco-friendly practices.