Money saving travel tips

06 Jan 2022

The start of a new year is, of course, the time when many of us will plan for the 12 months ahead. This planning will, in many cases, comprise of work commitments, personal engagements…and holidays! So how can we save money on our getaways in 2022?  We’ve compiled some of the best travel tips for you.

Be flexible

Should you wish to travel to a specific destination, be flexible about the timing. If you want to go at a certain time, be flexible about the location. Demand one, not both, for the best prices.

Travel during the week

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are typically the least expensive days to fly as people tend to go away for long weekends when on holiday. You can save a ton of money on a round trip by tweaking the schedule.

Haggle on the hotel

Don’t just accept the first price you see online. Why not call the hotel and ask for the best price, the best room options, and for a free upgrade?

Go overnight

You could save a night worth of accommodation while you get to where you want to go by plane, bus or train.

Use ride-sharing apps

Getting about can be a big whack to your wallet. Use ride-sharing websites or apps like BlaBlaCar, or message boards like Gumtree to find cheaper rides.

Use a multicurrency card

Multi-currency cards and global e-money apps, like Vault, give you access to and management and use of your money wherever you are in the world with no stress, no excessive exchange rates or hidden fees.  When you use your debit or credit card abroad in anything other than your destination’s local currency, you could be paying higher than expected exchange fees. An extra 6% is usually added on top, but these fees can be up to 10%.

Eat like a local

Instead of eating at costly international restaurants, follow the locals to the places they eat. Chances are it’ll be cheaper and possibly tastier too.

Get cheaper insurance

Getting an annual travel insurance policy is typically less expensive than buying one-off insurance for a single holiday.

Pack like a pro

A lighter suitcase is not just easier to travel with, but it could also save you a pretty penny on baggage fees – which go up each year on most airlines.