Get financially fit in 2022

17 Dec 2021

A new year can be a time to get financially fit and begin making more of your money. But like with most resolutions, it’s easy to get off course as life gets in the way and new challenges arise. Here are some tips to help you reach your goals.

Check your current financial fitness

Take a look back at last year and ask yourself did I reach any of the financial goals I set? Did I save as much as I set out to do? Did I reduce any debts? Taking a deep-dive into your financial position can help you see where to make any changes for the upcoming year. It may also help you make a budget and organise your spending and planning.

Identify your goals

Ask yourself where you want to be at the end of 2022? For example, you may want to reach a certain level of savings, clear some debts and/or build an emergency fund. Once you have your targets, break it down into smaller milestones, and keep consistently focused on them.

Get into savings

Regardless of your goal, building up your savings will likely help you achieve it. If you have a savings account, is it really delivering for you?

Get insured 

Give yourself the gift of life insurance. It is one of the most sensible rewards that one can give to yourself and loved ones, providing peace of mind for the future should the worst happen. 


Plan your retirement 

Too many people think it’s too early for them to plan for retirement. Although, it’s never too early to plan for your mature years. The earlier you start, the easier it is to reach your retirement goals.

Start Investing

Investing helps you to accumulate money more quickly. It is something that everyone must do in order to create wealth, save taxes, and meet other financial goals over the long-term.

Seek advice

A qualified financial adviser will help you cut out the noise and get you on – and keep you on – track to achieving your financial goals.  They will work with you to devise, implement and manage a plan. A sportsperson has a trainer to reach peak performance. You should have a financial mentor to reach peak financial fitness.