Black Friday tips for shoppers

26 Nov 2021

The annual, pre-Christmas shopping bonanza Brick Friday has arrived and with it comes the promise of deals galore both in the stores and online. This year, popular items are likely to be in short supply and sell out sooner, experts say, so making key purchases will require patience, persistence and flexibility. So, when is the best time to secure a great deal, and how can you be sure you've got the best price? Here are some top tips.

Make a budget—and stick to it 

Black Friday offers, especially those doorbuster mega promos, are to get you into a store or shopping online so that the retailer can sell you stuff you weren’t planning on buying. Decide ahead of time how much you want your Black Friday shopping spree to be and do your best to resist impulse purchases.

Do your research

It’s important to research your options if you want a good deal, according to Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst at “Before adding something to your cart, be sure to check other retailers to make sure you’re getting the best price available,” Ms Ramhold told The Washington Post. “If there are particular items you’re shopping for, be sure to look into them ahead of time so you’ll know what the normal price is and be able to tell at a glance if it’s a deal or a dud.”

Timing is everything

Black Friday might be in full swing but keep an eye on the price throughout the coming days. Checking items on a daily basis, from today to the sale deadline normally Sunday at midnight, and if you’re sure of the cost, that it’s cheaper than it has been in the past and that you can afford it, go ahead and do it.  But remember, prices can also continue to fall until Cyber Monday, which means Black Friday may not always be the cheapest day to shop. It will largely depend upon stock.

Head online

While there will probably be a few more in-store promotions than there were in 2020 – obviously - experts anticipate a smaller number than in pre-pandemic days. But retailers will offer more of the same promotions online than they do in stores. And online shoppers may see more free delivery offers too.

Get social

The Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds of your favourite stores are a great way to get to know about exclusive deals and promotions. They’ll typically reward shoppers who like or follow them with programmed alerts to Black Friday discounts.